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What’s the difference between cold-pressed juice and the juice I make at home?

GREEN BEARDS juice is always cold-pressed.  Our hydraulic cold-press method of juice extraction provides a minimum mixing of air with the juices which results in very slow oxidation or decomposition. The tremendous pressure exerted by our juice press gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements. Cold-pressing juice is a method of juicing that enables juice to be bottled (without preservatives) and still maintain a 72-hour shelf life.  Household juicers, typically ‘rotary’ or ‘centrifugal,’ are significantly faster processing method, but overall less efficient.  As the blade inside a centrifugal juicer spins at a high speed, it generates heat.  The heat also oxidizes and separates nutrients naturally found in the whole fruits and vegetables, rendering those nutrients that make it into the juice less pure.  Juice made at home (unless on a Norwalk) must be consumed immediately. 


What is pasteurization and why isn’t GREEN BEARDS juice pasteurized?

Pasteurized juice is heated to a high temperature for a short time before it is sold.  About 98% of all juices sold in the United States are pasteurized, namely because it prolongs the shelf life of juice and is the more cost-effective than not pasteurizing.  Unfortunately, pasteurization destroys the vital living components of the fruit and vegetables, rendering most ‘juice’ nutritionally deficient and pointless.  GREEN BEARDS promotes the consumption of living, high-frequency fruit and vegetable juice, and therefore we mindfully press, bottle and sell a truly raw and unpasteurized product – unheated and untreated.  GREEN BEARDS juice is not meant to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure.  Our juices are raw and have not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.      

What is HPP and why isn’t GREEN BEARDS juice treated by HPP?

HPP is an acronym for High Pressure Pascalization (or High Pressure Processing), and it can most easily be understood as preservation technique that does not subject the juice to any heat.  Similar to pasteurization, HPP extends the shelf life of raw juice well beyond 72 hours.  It is a technology that we're becoming more familiar with and you will likely see several raw juice companies integrating into their business model.  HPP requires the treated product to be packaged in plastic bottles, where as our packaging is glass.  GREEN BEARDS currently remains untreated in any way.
Why does GREEN BEARDS juice only have a 3-day shelf life? Can I drink my juice past the 72 hour mark?

DROUGHT juice contains no preservatives and is unpasteurized, and therefore is highly perishable.  We employ a cold-pressed juicing process that maximizes the shelf life for up to 3 days (72 hours), but cannot advise consumption of our juice beyond this point.  Each juice is labeled with a 'consume by' date for your convenience.

Why is my juice separated? Is it spoiled?

The appearance of DROUGHT juice is all natural;  We do not filter, preserve or add any fillers.  Separation is natural and, as long as juice is less than 72 hours old and refrigerated properly, a two-tone juice does not indicate spoilage.  Always refrigerate your juice, shake before consuming, and enjoy on or before the 'consume by' date.  

How many calories are in the juice?

Without getting too deep, consider this: Everything is energy. All energy has a frequency.  High, low, or untraceable to the naked eye, energy is present.   All raw fruits and vegetables, especially organics, have a high frequency most simply accredited to their live, untainted natural state.  Food science is extremely complex, and quoting tired concepts or rules shows a lack of understanding for the variety in our lives.  DROUGHT juice is high-frequency, high-energy juice.

We’re not keen on the calorie system – it’s antiquated and restricting.  Calories (large or small) are not the most reliable indicator of whether or not a food or drink is healthful and meaningful for your diet.  Food and drinks are not meant to be "zero calories, fat free, and carb free."  It's important not to allow false marketing to dictate your dietary needs.  FDA compliant nutrition labels (with calories) can be found by clicking the link below:


Is your juice 100% organic?

Yes.  Organic produce is the cornerstone of our business.  Conventionally grown and genetically modified produce is toxic. GREEN BEARDS juice is made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables, 100% of the time -- We never supplement organic for inorganic.  

Is your young Thai coconut water and blended coconut shake also organic? 

Yes.  Organic young Thai coconuts are hard to come by, but not impossible!  Rest assured that all of our produce, coconuts included, come from certified organic sources. 

Do you offer a credit on your glass bottles?

We no longer offer a discount for returned bottles, as we are now donating them to a non-profit in Detroit.  You still may return your bottles to our shop, or simply recycle them.  For reuse, inquire about purchasing additional fresh caps.


Is this a weight loss program?

The WASH is designed as one full day of juicing aimed at replenishing the body's vital nutrients.  The Wash is not a weight loss program, however, as is the case with most changes in one's diet, it is possible to lose weight.  Abstaining from solid foods gives your digestive system a break, and your body will thank you for mindfully replacing typical meals with raw, organic juice.   Simply by being deliberate in committing to The Wash is a huge step in the right direction of regaining control of your wellness.

What happens if I feel hungry or want to eat solid foods?

The mind is the most powerful tool you have -- master it.  The Wash is designed to fulfill your daily nutrient needs, and most of our clients report that 96 ounces of juice is more than enough to consume during waking hours.  We suggest preparing for The Wash with a day or two of The Rinseto help ease into the idea of green juice replacing toast and coffee.  Also, thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so be sure to drink plenty of purified water in between juices.  If you're in the thick of it, however, and really cannot hold off from eating, by all means grab some whole fruits or veggies.  The most important thing to remember is every body's individual senstitivity and the importance of easing into and out of The Wash.  When in doubt, always consult a physician to see if GREEN BEARDS juice is the best choice for your.

Can I still smoke/drink alcohol while on The Wash?

Avoid all toxins while juicing -- especially cigarettes and alcohol.  

Can I do The Wash for more than one day?

Yes.  The Wash is designed as one full day of juicing, however, most clients commit to 3 day increments*.  The duration is purely a personal choice.  Regardless of the duration, we highly suggest scheduling The Wash on a day or days in which you will have time (even a little bit!) to relax and let your body do the work.

*If you wish to have more than 3 consecutive "days" worth of juice, pleases understand that an additional delivery/take away day will be required.  All GREEN BEARDS juice has a 72 hour shelf life and must be consumed within 72 hours.


Why do I have to pre-order my juice cleanse?

As Alice Waters states so simply: "Food is precious."  All of our juice is hand-crafted and made-to-order in limited quantities. GREEN BEARDS goal is to maintain a zero-waste process, therefore, juice cleanses must be pre-ordered online or at our storefront 48 hours in advance.  A truly sustainable operation wastes nothing, especially not food.

In the near future, we envision expansion and fluid accessibility, and we are taking all necessary steps to make GREEN BEARDS juice more widely available.  To better understand the specificity of our juicing process, read more about our craft here. Thank you for supporting our vision and helping us manifest great things.

Do I have to be home to accept my juice delivery?

Yes. DROUGHT requires that someone be present and able to sign for every juice delivery.  We must ensure the freshness of our juice, and leaving the juice on a doorstep can severely compromise the quality, temperature and safety of your juice.  Please choose a delivery range that works best for you or our takeaway option for more flexibility.  

Do you deliver to businesses?

Yes.  Juicing camaraderie is huge and we find it helps a great deal to get your colleagues on board whenever possible.  Please remember that juice must be refrigerated immediately upon delivery, so make sure your workplace has the space to accommodate!  

Do you ship juice?

Email any shipping inquires to -- We're gearing up for national shipping very soon!

Do you offer custom juices and/or cater private events?

Of course. GREEN BEARDS raw juice is a great thing to share with family and friends.  Let us know what you're thinking and we'll make it happen.  This option is reserved for larger quantity orders, not individual juices.  E-mail all private order inquires to: 

Do I have to refrigerate my juice?

Absolutely. GREEN BEARDS raw juice is highly perishable, and must be kept refrigerated at all times when not being consumed.  

Can I cancel my order after I order it?

All pre-orders are required to be placed at least 48 hours in advance, because our juices require 2 days for production (one day for produce prep, and the day prior to delivery, for fresh pressing).  If you decide to cancel your order before it goes to production (before 48 hours prior to pick up), we will cancel it without charge.

If your cancellation is made within 48 hours, after we have begun prep and production, you will be charged in full.

Do you accept returns?

Returns and exchanges are not permitted.  We run a tight ship and make everything by hand in small batches -- if you suspect an issue with anything purchased from GREEN BEARDS, let us know immediately and we will remedy the situation.


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